About me

Who am I?

I’m a digital marketing executive and wordpress developer who thrives off a challenge. I’m a social butterfly who loves people and building meaningful connections.

I’m a leader, a doer and a life-long learner. I’m strategic and tactical, a visionary who loves the details, creative, yet practical. I care about tangible results and exceptional work.

I’ve always loved advertising. Even as a wee, I experienced TV with hypnotized eyes. And it wasn’t just the cartoons. It was the commercials—visuals, copy, editing, all of it fascinated me.

Favourite Books

+ The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini, Ph.D.
+ Harry Potter by Jk Rowling
+ Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs


BA in E-commerce.

University of Information Technology VNU-HCM

  • GPA: 3 / Time to Complete: 4.5 years



Won the third prize – Young Theorist HCM City

organized Cultural House of Youth in Ho Chi Minh City –   5/2017

TOP 8 Startup Speedway 2017 – UFM

organized University of Finance – Marketing  11/2017

TOP 8 Chief Marketing Officer 2019 – TDTU

organized Ton Duc Thanh University 5/2019


Part-time Job

Facebook Marketing & WordPress Development   5/2019 – present

HR Trainer/ Facebook Maketing Teacher

APPNET MEDIA CENTER  9/2018 – 4/2019

Facebook Marketer

APPNET MEDIA CENTER   1/2018 –  8/2018


Social Activities

The REUNION – English Club   4/2018 –  6/20119


AEC Club – English CLub at AEC English Center   12/2017 –  4/2018

Deputy Secretary
E-commerce 2015 at UIT 10/2017 –  present

LOG Club  – English Club 9/2016 –  7/2018

Class President/ Member of the Executive Committee of KHMT2015
Computer Science 2015 at UIT  9/2016 –  9 / 2017





Outside of my work life
because I do have a life. And I’m all about ‘work hard, play hard.’


         I think the exposure to new places and new people can be really reviving personally and also eye opening to see how other people live. To see how life functions, whether human or natural life, in other places is really humbling. It’s easy to have your status quo at home, but as soon as you’re in a new place – all bets are off. You can do anything, and are so willing to try new stuff to push your own boundaries purely because you’re in a new place

I love to draw. It’s one of my favorite things to do. I find drawing to be very therapeutic, it helps me get my feelings out. If I’m happy, I’ll draw something happy. If I’m mad, I’ll draw something not happy; it really depends on my mood on how my drawings turn out. This is something I really love to do and something I don’t think I’ll give up anytime soon, even though sometimes I really want to. It’s a big part of my life and one that brings me a lot of joy.